Shiny new jewellery!!


I arrived home after a long day at work to find a wonderful package waiting for me. Above are some very poor pictures (sorry, wanted to share these great pieces with you) of the lovely contents. To explain more, Mialisia have a monthly jewellery ‘club’ called Infinite Worth. It is a great monthly treat where you receive a lovely range a jewellery on your chosen day.

The pictures above show what I received today, which were:

  • Amour Navy Earrings
  • Amour Navy Necklace
  • Silver Cable Chain (28 inches)
  • Silver Key Droplet
  • Silver Heart Lock Droplet

The Key and Locket set, I think are lovely for Valentine’s day and also come in gold. I am loving being apart of this business and seeing all the new products! I also love having a treat each month to look forward to!

If you would like to buy anything or join the company, visit my website or drop me an email –

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