A day in the life of…


Today has been a busy, fun filled day. As a teacher of Business, I also run the Young Enterprise program at my school. I have many wonderful students who take part and yesterday was their second trade fair. Below is a picture from one of our 2 companies, who have written and published their own cook book! They are Fudget! Cooking on a budget. It is amazing watching them create and run their own business. They may not have sold as many books as they would like, but they never let that affect their enthusiasm and kept smiling until the end! They are fab.


Watching these truly wonderful and successful students over the years is one of the things that gave me a push to join Mialisia and have a go at running my own business. It’s scary and new, but I have amazing support around me and I’m really enjoying it! I have even brave a photo of me wearing some jewellery, which is a first!

The rest of my day was spent driving over to Nottingham to celebrate my friends 30th. We went for food at a great Thai Street Food restaurant called Zaap. Food and service was great, but my was very spicy, so be careful if you go there. The restaurant itself is really cool. They have tuk tuks that you can dine in and there is so much on the walls you don’t know where to look. This was followed by a few drinks in a bar I have not been into for years as I do not spend as much time in Nottingham now. It was a great evening spent with great friends and I enjoyed catching up.

It was a busy day and driving over to Notts for a few hours was a bit of a trek, but referring to another post about enjoying life, it was completely worth it. There are so many times when I think, I really cannot be bothered to go out, see those people etc etc, I need to remember what I gain from going, not the effort that will go in. Anything is worth the effort to spend time with good friends! Even if you do miss the rugby! I still don’t know the England score… will watch it shortly!


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