The first social

16583281_1241235445912471_281665217992065024_n1I posted a blog a week ago worrying about my first jewellery social that I would be hosting last night. I was going to blog yesterday before it started with an update, but things were just too busy. Now I have been to the gym and gotten some jobs done, I have the time to reflect on the evening. I was a little downhearted after a few people canceled on the days running up to and on the day of the event, but decided to make the best of it! I’m glad we went ahead, because I had a great night. I could not remember the price of anything! But Denise (my wonderful mentor and friend) was amazing and showed me lots of hints and tips ready for when I’m let loose on my own.

Time flew by and all of my guests got on well. I had lots of fun and it was great to hear what people thought of the jewellery. My guests all seemed to have a great time too and plenty of wine was drunk. I’m now feeling much better about doing socials on my own and excited about what the future may bring. Loving Mialisia!

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