DeChox Journey

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It’s the 6th day of my DeChox for British Heart Foundation and I’m going strong! There have been a few moments when I have wanted to eat chocolate though. At the end of last week I went away to the Birks in the Lake District with sixth form for a Geography field trip. Although is was cold, we had a great time studying rivers and climbing mountains. The students were great and really got stuck in. I even enjoyed not having any mobile signal or internet whilst we were gone. However, the students came armed with much chocolate and were very generous when offering it out. This is lovely, but does make it harder to say no. Once they knew what I was doing however, they were more helpful in ensuring I didn’t break.

My biggest challenge however, came after I got home. In the kitchen, were some left over chocolate crispy cakes from Matt’s hockey match. I almost ate one without even thinking about it. Luckily I remembered in time and was able to ignore them. Now I’m back a work this week, there will be new challenges, but I am determined to do this!

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