When will the cuts end?


Over the past few weeks I have been reading more and more information about the educational budget cuts. I know that education is not the only sector that is affected by the lack of money being put into the public sector, but as a teacher it is the area that impacts me directly. Last weekend many teachers, parents and students took to the streets of Shrewsbury (Shropshire) to protest. They were not just protesting that in Shropshire alone there will be shortfall of £394 per pupil by 2019, which is equal to 360 teachers. They are protesting that the loss will take the form of increased class sizes, over worked teachers, lack of provision for the arts, less TA’s, the list goes on. This will all lead to an impact of students education. Students will not receive the support they require, they will be forced to take subjects that they may have little interest in and leave school with lower attainment.

The other aspect that confuses me, is that all students now have to stay in education of some form until they are 18. Yet funding for further education is also being cut. It is expected that there will be a funding drop of 6.5% over the next few years. This means that funding for 16- to 18-year-olds is no higher than it was almost 30 years ago (theguardian). How can further education provision improve for students if we are investing no money into it. Are all students actually going to be any better off then if they went straight into a job? Some students will do well in college and it will help them to achieve their potential. For others it just seems like an enforced holding pattern until they can get a job. Some of you may say that they can get an apprenticeship rather than going to college, but from my experience there are not always that many on offer. We need more money in colleges so that more courses can be offered and students can learn practical skills that can help them to attain a job in the future.

Sorry, my rant is now over. If you want to find out any more click the links below.




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